Stop Fighting Anxiety With Medication

What do I mean by this title? Do I mean that you should use medication and stop fighting anxiety or that you should stop using medication as a treatment of anxiety? Well, just like with anxiety, the answer isn’t simple and it isn’t black or white. Plenty has been written elsewhere about the different kinds of medication available for help in coping with panic and anxiety and if you’re reading this, then I’m sure you’ve done your research, so I’m not going to go into that here. What I want to talk about are some of the possible consequences of relying solely on medication as a response to any anxiety disorder.

The first thing to make clear is that medication does not provide a cure for either anxiety or panic attacks. What it does is provide relief of symptoms…..that’s all and once you stop the medication, the symptoms will return.
Here are some of the things to bear in mind when considering medication for anxiety and panic attacks are:

What are the possible side effects?

* Addictive/habit forming

* Memory loss

* Impaired concentration with consequent risk of accident

* Drowsiness or lethargy

* Clumsiness or impaired motor control

* Slow or slurred speech

* Low mood or depression

* Impaired thinking or judgment

* Dizziness or lightheadedness

* Dry mouth and/or blurred vision

* Emotional blunting

Another aspect to consider when when discussing treatment of anxiety with your doctor are paradoxical effects. This is when the medication can cause changes in mood and affect that actually make the condition worse. The most usual paradoxical effects to look for are:

* Increased anxiety

* Irritability and short temper

* Physical restlessness and psychological agitation

* Vivid and unpleasant dreams

Less common but more serious effects can include:

* Impulsive/dangerous behaviour

* Aggressive/violent behaviour

* Mania

I must emphasize that these reactions are possible but very rare, with the young and elderly age groups being the most at risk. Most of these possible effects are associated with benzodiazepine use. These include such names as, Valium, Ativan, Mogadon, Xanax and so on. The prescribing of anti-depressants in the treatment of anxiety generally have fewer psychological side effects and and are considered safer, though more subtly effective. They are also not associated with the risk of dependence, unlike the benodiazepines (more commonly known as tranquillizers).

What are the risks of dependence to tranquillizers?

If you misuse tranquillizers you will become dependent

Dependence on a substance can come in two forms, physical and psychological.

Physical dependence occurs when the body develops a tolerance to a substance and responds negatively to it’s withdrawal. This is caused when the body adapts to a substance and changes take place in the central nervous system and brain. Another aspect of this tolerance to a drug is that stronger and stronger doses are required to achieve the same result.

A simple way of understanding psychological dependence to a substance is that the person believes they need it in order to cope, that they would “fall over” mentally, without it. In other words, a crutch.

Unfortunately tranquillizers get you both ways. Depending on which form of benzodiazepine you are taking, physical dependence can begin in as short a time as 2 weeks, depending on dose, frequency of use and physiology. The longer the medication is used for, the harder it is to withdraw from. It is not uncommon for people to gradually increase their dose (against medical advice) because as they become more tolerant of the drug, so they need a higher dose to get the same effect. As physical dependency increases, so the person will start to experience withdrawal symptoms as the drug is broken down in the body.

Symptoms of tranquillizer withdrawal include:

* agitation/irritability

* insomnia

* sweating/trembling

* sensitivity to light/noise

* poor concentration

* preoccupation with symptoms

* headache

* palpitations

And there you have it, all symptoms associated with anxiety and impending panic attack caused by withdrawal from your medication. So the dependency cycle begins. As these withdrawal symptoms begin, the only way to stop them getting worse is to take more medication and that feeling of being out of control of your life gets deeper and you will feel more and more helpless. This is where psychological dependency begins and it is awful. As this is such an important part of anxiety management I am going to talk about it in a separate article, which I will be writing soon.

If you believe you have developed a physical dependency to tranquillizers and wish to come off them, you must seek medical advice and supervision. I cannot say this strongly enough, never try to detox on your own. It is very painful and dangerous and in extreme cases can lead to seizures/fitting or even death. Don’t do it!

I have tried to give a brief overview of this aspect of anxiety and medication. It is meant only as an information resource. If you are thinking of using medication for symptomatic relief of anxiety and/or panic attacks you should always discus this with your doctor and not take advice from friends or attempt to self medicate. I’m not sorry if this sounds preachy, I’ve spent 20 years helping people withdraw from drugs and it is never easy and never something to be attempted alone.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. I hope you have found something of use to you here. If you would like to know more about fighting anxiety or about me, then please check out my website at or I can be reached on: [email protected]

Thanks again
Simon Fox

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A Better Understanding of a Physical Therapy Career

Physical therapy career is one of the most popular careers in medical field. A physical therapist is a medic who helps patients living with disabilities, limitations and impairments resulting form injuries to recover. Additionally, a therapist helps patients who have undergone surgery to recover through therapy programs. This is based on evaluation, prognosis, diagnosis and interventions that will aid in offering the best possible results for a patient.

A person pursuing a physical therapy career is expected to provide services that help to improve a patient’s physical condition. This means one has to get quality training. Note that the field involves different aspects of pathophysiology, disability and functional limitation. These conditions can be greatly improved through different programs. Therefore, when choosing an institution to pursue the career, look for an institution that is:

• Accredited
• Well reputed
• Has a proven track record of producing the best therapists and
• An institution that offers the best hands on experience/training

As a therapist, you will be required to examine a patient’s medical history, carry out medical tests on muscle performance, balance and coordination. With quality training, you can rest assured to provide the best medical care for your patients.

Additionally, when pursuing a physical therapy career, it is imperative to be trained efficiently on how to device treatment plans for patients. When patients sustain injuries, a personalized treatment strategy must be employed to enhance quick recovery. It is therefore the role of a therapist to develop and implement a strategy that works best for a patient. Treatment options that a therapist may use include exercises to enhance flexibility and build strength in patients who may have been immobilized. Exercises also help patients to improve on their home and office functions in a less stressful way.

Electrical stimulations, cold compresses, ultra sounds and hot packs can also be used in physical therapy depending on an injury that a patient sustained. These options relieve pain and swelling on the affected area.

Physical therapy career options
There are three popular career options in physical therapy:

• Physical therapist- this is a medic who evaluates a patients overall condition and develops a treatment plan that addresses a PT need.
• Physical therapist assistant- this is a professional who works directly with patients and monitors how one is responding to treatment.
• Physical therapist aide on the other hand is a professional who ensures that a patient stays in a clean and organized treatment area. He or she can also prepare a patient for therapy.

Choose Different Kinds of Physical Therapy Equipments and Supplies at an Online Medical Store

Physical therapy is the combination of physiology with exercises and then application of these principles on the patient’s body after the sustenance of an injury. It is specifically designed to reduce pain, restore muscular flexibility, improve overall motor skills, increase strength and endurance and bring the tendons and ligaments back close to their actual length so that they can assist the joints to do their job in a better way. From muscle injuries to spine motion, it is used in the treatment of various medical problems. It is also important for the promotion of good health. These equipments have been designed to aid the patients and to make the therapy more effective. There are different kinds of equipments and supplies available at online medical stores.

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Some of the common physical therapy equipments are biofeedback units, compression therapy units, diathermy accessories, exercise equipments, CPM (Compressive Passive motion) units and many other which are generally used for the treatment of different types of body pains. Apart from these there are other equipments meant for the exercise of hands and legs like exercise balls and elastic bands. These equipments and products are easy to use. They are comfortable, have flexible designs, adjustable and can be used as required and portable so that they can be carried anywhere easily.

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Some of the Most Sought After Jobs in the Medical Field

The health care sector has attracted people who want a stable career or wish to take care of people through their profession. Also, people opt for jobs in the medical field because of the attractive salaries they get. Since medical jobs are in demand, you have to get a degree or diploma to get a decent job in this sector. These diplomas and degrees are not easy to get as there are millions of people who want a job in the health care sector.

There are several job opportunities in the medical field depending your experience and qualification. Here are details of some of the most sought after jobs in this sector.

Physical Therapist

There is likely to be sharp increase in the demand for physical therapist as people have increased their focus on the prevent health care. It is lucrative career as the demand for physical therapist is high. To become a physical therapist you must complete physical therapy course from a government accredited institute. You must also get a license before you start practising. Physical therapist are required to teach the patients how to use a lift pulley, bicycles and bars and recommend all other exercises that will improve their rate of recovery. They may also use heat and ice compresses to reduce the pain and swelling.


Women who are looking for jobs in medical field can take a nursing job. There is a rapid increase in the number of private and government hospital which has created a huge demand for nurses. To get a good nursing job you must get a bachelor’s degree in nursing. If you are unable to get a degree, you can complete a certification course to get a nursing job. Some of the task that a nurse is required to perform includes understanding the problem of patient, taking care of the needs of the patient and keeping a record of the medical history of the patient.

Medical Assistant

As a medical assistant you must do administrative and clinical task for health care professional like doctors and physicians. Medical assistant’s job is usually available to people who have completed a degree program. There are several vocational colleges that offer programs that will help you get the required degree. Getting a license before you take up a job is mandatory in a few states, so make sure you check the legal requirements before you apply for a job.

Dental Hygienist

Many people are looking to take up a job in this field because of the rewards it offers. Today, there is a huge demand for dental hygienist as the number people suffer from dental problems has increased sharply. Dental hygienist must help the dentist in diagnosing the problems in the teeth and give advice to patients to prevent future problems.