Life Insurance – No Medical, Physical Or Doctors Exam

It is really no mystery why life insurance no medical has become so desired by term insurance buyers. They simply seek the easiest way to buy their policies. There is the occasional desperate person who tries to get over on the life insurance company but these individuals are wasting their time.

The well thinking people who have learned about these products find it a convenience to buy no physical term insurance. They don’t want to be poked by a doctors needle or have to do urine tests. They are simply asked a few pointed questions the answers to which give the life insurance carriers sufficient information to work with.

20 or 30 years ago it would not be prudent to sell any type of life coverage in this manner to anyone but younger people. People, however are in better health today at older ages. Why? Medical science has advanced to such a level that enables otherwise terminal patients to life a longer and quite productive life.

The information age! Confirming information on an individuals health, occupation and avocations used to be quite a long and drawn out procedure and the cost was just too much. Today this information is at the fingertips of the underwriters, with the applicants permission of course.

As we move ahead who knows what advancements will become a part of every activity. At present here is what life insurance no medical is all about.

If you are between age 18 and age 65 you can acquire between $25,000 and $500,000 coverane without having to do a physical exam. The policies offered are 10 year, 15 year, 20 year and 30 year term insurance. Once approved these policies are guaranteed renewable up until age 95 without any evidence of insurability.

It usually takes about 15 minutes to get an answer from the company and, if you qualify, you can print out your policy online.

What Is a Medical Intuitive Healer?

A medical Intuitive is a holistic practitioner that uses their intuitive abilities to find the causes of physical or emotional conditions. Sometimes an intuitive is referred to as a clairvoiyant, medical psychic or intuitive counselor. Intuitives cannot make a formal medical diagnosis but many intuitive are extremely accurate in their findings. Intuitive’s can see areas in the bodies that need healing. When they have made their findings a doctor may be consulted to seek more information based on the findings of the intuitive healer. Spiritual healers can see a dark, grainy or disruption of energy in an area of the body that should not be there and they can help to locate the emotional trauma that may have caused the physical ailment.

The body is scanned for areas of imbalance that may need an energy alignment or some physical treatment. Many medical doctors are also medical intuitive they work with a doctor to assess the patient. Although many practitioners can perform the same practice as a medical intuitive they may not label themselves that way due to no formal medical training. These practitioners may practice energy work, body work, distance healers or spiritual healers.

What can a Medical Intuitive or Medical Intuitive Healer do for me?

A natural healing intuitive can see and isolate specific illnesses and imbalances in the human body. They can also ascertain strengths and positive areas of a client’s health. Many times a spiritual healer can see things that sophisticated testing does not reveal. Many times these areas of dis-ease can be isolated before physical damage is done. An intuitive healer can go beyond the physical issues and also see emotional conditions that may be the root of the problem.

Are you a Candidate for a Medical Intuitive Healer?

If you have a physical ailment or emotional issue that seems to have no cause or an effective treatment does not exist then a medical intuitive could help. You may have even been diagnosed but possibly feel that there is an underlying key to the issue that you have not been able to discover.

An intuitive can connect with you at a profound level and can sense stagnant energy and imbalances in your energy system. An out of balance energy system can lead to dis-ease. Traditional medical diagnosis cannot always find the cause. Anxiety and stress over any issue can cause even deeper issues and having an intuitive consultation can many times alleviate these fears of the unknown and help you to understand them and eventually release them.

Does Medical Intuition work at a distance?

You medical intuitive does not need to be in close physical proximity when conducting your reading. We are all energetic beings so there is no distance that comes into play. If there is a clear intention to heal an intuitive can guide you in the right direction.

Elderly Care – Medical Vs Non-Medical Home Health Care – Discover What You Need

Medical Home Health Care vs. Non-medical Home Health Care…if you are reading this, you are likely among the thousands of caregivers needing help caring for a loved one at home. What is the difference?

One significant difference is who pays the bill… you or insurance?

With a doctors order and insurance that is accepted by the agency and covers home care, these services are generally covered. Medical home care provides skilled medical services such as:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Home Health Aid
  • Medical Social Worker

These medical personnel can only come to your home by an order from the doctor. This can be initiated by a trip to the doctor, a call to the doctor and sometimes a call to a home care agency explaining your difficulty. They can then contact the doctor.

Several questions need to be answered at this point to help you decide what you need.

  • Is the patient recently home from the hospital?
  • Is the patient falling at home?
  • Are you confused about what medications to give the patient?
  • Is there a significant change in functional ability or decline in activity level recently?
  • Is the patient frequently going to the ER?

Yes to 2 or more of the above questions may indicate a potential need for medical home health care.

Discussing your felt need with your doctor will help you understand the issues and the answers.

Non-medical home care

If you and your doctor have ruled out the need for medical home care but you still feel you need some help, consider non-medical home care. Non-medical care means just that. Non medical. These services are often referred to as companion services.

Your best bet is to Google “home health assistance” or the like. You can always call a business and ask if they provide non-medical home care assistance. Beware though, most medical home care company’s WILL provide solely a home health aid but at a ridiculous price. You may find better rates by hiring a company who provides only non-medical home care assistance. This is what they do best and they generally do it well.

Do your homework and use your phone. Ask the agency how long their workers have been there. Don’t be afraid to pay a little more if you feel you are following your gut. You are depending on these people to give you or your loved one the proper care and respect that they need and deserve.

You may qualify for home health care physical therapy under Medicare – it’s worth a look!

You may also want to consider how your care may be affected by the way your home care team is paid.

Immigration Medical Examination And Admissibility Conditions

US Immigration laws stipulate that a medical physical exam is required for all immigration visas and even for some non immigration visas. Refugees and applicants who have filed for adjustment status also need to go in for the immigration medical exam, which is also known as the Green Card Physical Examination. The main reason behind administering the Green Card Physical is to explore possibilities of any health conditions that could prevent the applicant from immigrating.


USCIS-approved Civil Surgeons are specially designated and can administer the examination inside the country. Panel Physicians can run the exam outside of the country.

All medical conditions, as per CDC norms are classified into Class A and Class B categories.

If medical conditions of the applicant fall under Class A then the applicant cannot gain admission into the country.

4 conditions that would make the applicant inadmissible on the basis of medical health are:

Those people who have any form of communicable disease that could cause concern to public health like: chancroid, gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS, leprosy (infectious), infectious syphilis, infectious TB (Class A TB) and any other communicable disease of public significance.

Those applicants who have to apply for immigrant visas or file for adjustment of status but have not received all the vaccinations as mandated by CDC.

Those people who display physical or mental anomalies, these disorders could also be associated with harmful behavior. There could be physical or mental disorders which could have existed in the past though these disorders are not current in the present they are likely to recur in the future and might even lead to harmful behavior. Such conditions could lead to the visa being refused.

Individuals who are found to be abusers of drugs. Drug addicts too could fall under the scanner.

All other medical conditions fall under Class B. Medical conditions falling under Class B also involve physical and mental conditions, certain diseases and other disabilities of serious or permanent nature. Class B category diseases could entertain waivers that could be applied for by applicants.


It would not help the applicant very much if he or she is tense or nervous before taking the examination. It is very natural for all of us to feel a bit apprehensive, especially about the results of any examination, but it could reflect in the outcome ultimately, if the applicant is tense. So it is best to stay calm and collected before the exam is due.

Choosing a Pediatric Specialty Specific Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Is a Pediatric electronic medical record system most appropriate for your office?

An EHR / EMR that has been designed specifically for Pediatricians will have a variety of Pediatric specific content as well as Pediatric specific work flow included within the product.

It is beneficial during the initial steps of selecting and throughout the eventual implementation of an EHR/EMR product to gather any forms, communication tools, and educational material. This set of forms will assist in assuring a similar tool will be available and/or developed either by template or reporting.

The EMR / EHR has the potential to streamline work processes and have a positive impact upon office efficiency and quality. To gain the most with the implementation of the EMR / EHR it is important to look at work flow redesign. Look at potential bottlenecks or inefficient processes in the paper chart environment and rather than duplicate these inefficient processes look for the opportunity to complete a work redesign. It may be tempting to put the work redesign on a to do list but closely consider work redesign to be a part of the implementation phase. This method is usually less costly and does not require another implementation phase going forward. Pediatric Specific EMR/EHR features:

* Intake forms
* Demographics that support various family structures
* Well child / Preventative
* Immunization administration and management
* Growth Charts
* Genetic information, maintenance, and reporting
* School Physical
* Sports Physical
* Camp Physical
* Daycare Physical
* Reportable Communicable Disease management
* Child abuse reporting forms
* Referral entry and tracking
* Medication orders, tracking, and maintenance
* VIS (Vaccine Information Sheet)
* CDC link
* Flack Pain scale
* Behavioral tools
* ADD/HD tools
* Age Specific
* Birth Data
* Instrumentation integration (vital signs, EKG, spirometry, etc
* Pediatric protocols for pediatric triage
* Patient Portals
* Pediatric Specific templates

Intake Forms

Patient intake forms should be developed to flow nicely with the template work flows. The system should be set up to allow for preloading of the patient intake form prior to the visit to enhance physician schedule efficiency. Demographics That Support Various Family Structures

Demographics that support various family structures including adoption, step-children, foster care, child abuse, and single parent homes is valuable with a diverse population. It is highly recommended the Pediatric EMR//EHR capture and protect sensitive childcare information. Birth Data

Birth data sections should contain appropriate fields for birth weight, complications at birth, time and date of birth provided to facilitate documentation. All components of the EMR should address appropriate age specific criteria. Immunization Management

Immunization administration and management is a necessary component of the Pediatric EMR / EHR. The recommended immunization schedule should be a component of the EMR enabling alerts for vaccinations due at the time of a visit and an automation of reminder letters. A direct link to CDC allows easy access to the recommended vaccination schedule and ability to print VIS (vaccine information sheets) at the time of vaccine administration or prior to scheduling immunizations.

Printing the VIS form should automatically document the fact the VIS for a particular immunization was printed for specific patient as required. The most efficient systems will accommodate obtaining any parental authorizations required in the exam room preferably electronically. If electronic signature is not available the minimal acceptable method would be obtaining a paper authorization and then scanning to the visit. Immunization orders or templates should include all data required for administration of the immunization including lot number, site given, and documentation of any reaction.

Growth Charting

Growth charts that accommodate preterm, infant, and child growth records should be available for the EMR. Height, weight and other parameters to be measured should be easy to enter and then automatically plotted on the growth charts. Genetic Information, Management and Reporting

A method to document genetic information that facilitates updating and maintenance can prove very beneficial. Reporting capability from the established data fields is recommended. School, Sports, Camp, and Day care Physicals

Templates to capture the needed information for the school, sports, camp and daycare physical visit should be available for customization. Producing a form using the data in the template fields and/or information stored in various sections of the EMR is highly recommended. This will save valuable pediatrician time by not having to fill out forms manually. Contact your local schools and/or state educational offices to obtain approval of any computer generated form prior to use. The process to get the automated form approved by the proper school and/or state officials can take a considerable amount of time. Reportable Communicable Diseases Management

Identification of reportable communicable diseases can be facilitated with a link to state health departments and the CDC. Referral request Management

Referral request order entry allows for tracking of all referrals from order to consult or result received. This is a liability limiting process and can result in liability insurance cost savings to the provider. Medication Management

Medications prescribing information offering dosing assistance to the pediatrician that is age and weight based can save time and reduce risk of medication errors. A system that facilitates tracking of refills enhances care and alerts to the pediatrician to allergies, reactions, and medication conflicts in general. E-prescription is of importance to meet compliance with state and federal regulations. Laboratory Management

Laboratory fields, data and work flows that allows for easy entry of orders, results and tracking ability are vital to meeting liability concerns and maintaining compliance and quality care. Ability to scan results, consults, performed outside of the facility would be necessary to capture all data in the EMR. Pain Scale Management

Inclusion of a standard pain scale for pediatrics assures compliance with regulations laws and patient rights. There are various pain scales including those for children under age 1 and those over age 1. These include NIPS, PPP, Riley, FLACC, Cries, Faces, Oucher, and others. Behavioral Health, ADHD, AUTISM management

Data fields complementing behavioral assessments for ADHD, Autism, and other behavioral conditions should be included the EMR/EHR system. Pediatric Triage Management

To enhance and facilitate established standards of care appropriate knowledge based pediatric triage material should be built into the system or accessed via a link to the appropriate website. This will improve the phone call conduct within the office. Report, Form, Questionnaire Generator

Patient data is all in the Pediatric EMR and you need the information out for various reporting and submission purposes. A report, form and questionnaire generator will accomplish this necessary task for you. Capture the necessary information at the time of the visits and then request the appropriate report, form or questionnaire to automate this process without double entry and/or handwriting the forms. This includes school physical, sports physical, camp physical, and other forms needed for a specific visit. Document Manager and Photo Manager

There is a growing trend to capture photos of patients for inclusion in the patient record. The photo manager can provide for capture of retention of these images.

The document manager would accommodate any forms needed for the Pediatric practice, HEDIS reporting forms, etc. Pediatric EMR / EHR Templates

Pediatric specific templates developed with the Pediatricians most efficient work flow will prove to be cost efficient. A partial list of suggested EMR templates for the Pediatric Practice EMR is noted below.

* Food Allergy
* Chest Pain
* Correspondence (food allergy letters, metered dose inhaler note, school excuse)
* Ears – Drainage, infection, ear pain, ear pressure, recurrent ear infections, and many more
* Conjunctivitis
* Fever
* Infant Fever
* Abdominal Pain
* Appendicitis
* Constipation
* Reflux
* Vomiting/Diarrhea
* Circumcision
* Voice/Speech Disorder
* Throat Infections
* Miscellaneous – anaphylaxis, adverse drug reaction, child abuse, juvenile dermatomyositis, sports physical, and more
* Musculoskeletal – ankle sprain, elbow injury, foot pain, knee injury, shoulder injury, low back pain, and more
* Postnasal drainage
* Nasal Foreign Body
* Nasal Obstruction
* Headaches
* Newborn Visit
* Asthma
* Cystic Fibrosis
* Croup
* Upper Respiratory
* Allergic Rhinitis
* Sinus Infection, Sinusitis
* Skin – acne, atopic dermatitis, burns, insect bites, impetigo, rash, and more
* Viral Infections – Chicken pox, fifth’s disease, influenza, roseola, mononucleosis, and more

Patient Portals

Patient portals allow providers to grant patient access using a secure username and password to information in the EMR through a web connection. Access often is granted for the following:

* Check appointment schedules
* Request an appointment
* Review lab results
* Review statements
* Request a prescription refill
* Complete new patient intake forms.

General Considerations

All templates should be customizable. This can include making links available to CDC and state agencies. Reporting should also be customized that meets requirements for HIPAA reporting, immunization reporting, and various administrative reporting.

An EMR that allows for multiple methods of entry into the EMR is optimal to facilitate various work flows. Methods could include templates, down drop list, expandable text, voice recognition, transcription, handwritten electronic pen/pad, abstraction, and scanning.

In summary, selecting an EMR product for the Pediatric office which addresses the specific work flow and care components unique for the Pediatric patient demographics will provide the most efficiency for the Pediatric office. A Pediatric EMR specific feature check list would be a beneficial tool during the Pediatric office EMR selection process.

For more information please visit to see other specialty specific articles.